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Thank you for your interest in the NI Aerospace & Defense Symposium 2016.

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National Instruments is a leading supplier of test, measurement, and control systems for aerospace, defence, government entities, as well as manufacturing firms and automotive industries.

This symposium explored solutions ranging from Automated Test, Embedded Design, And RF & Mircowave measurements for you to tackle cutting-edge applications faster.

Creator and leading provider of PXI, NI will demonstrate how its modular instrumentation platform and the open Graphical System Design software accelerates your design,

test and deployment of any system that requires measurements from DC to microwave.





Aerospace and defence applications are become more complex every year, requiring the further development of test systems able to solve the test challenges new technologies and devices present. To overcome these challenges, software-designed instruments have been increasingly used in aerospace and defence to achieve high levels of performance and flexibility. In this session we discuss technologies that are redefining the concept of instrumentation, and achieve unparalleled performance in within the Aerospace and Defence industry. 

RF Test

High Performance RF Systems for EW Applications

NI’s new high-speed serial software designed instruments allow ultimate flexibility for implementing custom protocols on their user-programmable FPGA architecture.  This session will cover working from reference solutions for standard protocols such as Xilinx Aurora, Serial RapidIO, and 10GbE, or having low-level VHDL access to MGT (Multi Gigabit Transceivers) for ultimate flexibility in designing custom high-speed serial protocols.

Test Sys

Designing Rugged, Reliable & Deployable Test Systems

As system complexity of devices within the aerospace and defence sectors continues to increase, so has the need for field test solutions to pinpoint problems in lieu of the heavy operational costs of servicing the units at the depot - or at least sharing diagnostic data to reduce the likelihood of the dreaded ‘no trouble found’ at the depot.  This session will overview some of the environmental challenges with deploying COTS technology and the benefits of being able to share test results between the field and the depot.


Evolving RF Systems with Software Defined Radio

In this session we will review modern technologies and architectures that can be used to implement software defined radios. Technologies discussed will include multiple-input, multiple-out (MIMO) phase-aligned systems, embedded SDR platforms and integrated RFICs.  In addition to discussing high-level applications, we will review several interesting customer applications for software defined radios in depth.  We will also discuss the advantages of using on-board FPGAs and software techniques to simplify the inter-FPGA and FPGA-to-host streaming between discrete processing elements.


Replicate Your System - Building Mechanical & HIL Test Systems that Scale

The Aerospace and Defence industry is challenged with pushing the limits of innovation whilst reducing development costs and maintaining comprehensive test coverage. This session highlights the importance of Hardware-in the Loop (HIL) simulation combined with precision-control and laboratory-quality measurements to replicate real-world environments for individual components, systems of components, and complete aircraft.



Or find out more here about our Aerospace & Defense Industry Specific Innovations & Applications

Aerospace and defense technology must be streamlined for speed while meeting strict quality and accuracy demands for projects that stand the test of time.



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iming Sessions
08:00 Registration | Arrival Tea and Coffee
09:00 Keynote Presentation
09:20 Guest Case Study Presentations - Innovation In Your Area
09:30 High Performance RF Systems for EW Applications
10:10 Tea, Coffee, & Snacks
10:30 Designing Rugged, Reliable & Deployable Test Systems
11:10 Evolving RF Systems with Software Defined Radio
11:50 Replicate Your System - Building Mechanical & HIL Test Systems that Scale
12:30 Wrap Up