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National Instruments Automotive Seminar 2016

National Instruments’ tools save time and money across all stages of the automotive engineering process by providing a customizable & high performance platform for measurement, validation and automated test.With industry-leading I/O, flexible off-the-shelf hardware, and the powerful NI LabVIEW development environment, you can create user-defined solutions for applications ranging from HIL and functional test to in-vehicle data logging and dynamometer control.


If you have missed this seminar, click on the link below to download the slides presented at the event and learn about our tools and technology, and how they can help you in your automotive application


Download Presentation


Seminar Highlights: 

Through live demos, and technical presentations, the below topics were covered:
  1. Keynote: Overview of NI Platform for Automotive applications
  2. Smart Machine for Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers
  3. End-of-Line Component Test and Test Cells
  4. Data Acquisition and In-Vehicle Data-Logging
  5. ECU / SW demo on HIL & aircrafts

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