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National Instruments Speakers and Guest Speakers will vary per location.


Speakers include:

Stephen Plumb – Branch Manager, National Instruments South Africa

Keynote Presentation – All Locations

Stephen obtained his bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Natal (KZN). While completing his education, Stephen worked in the Applied Physics Group on several projects relating to industrial applications of physics, most notably the application of image processing techniques and neural network solutions to conveyor belt monitoring. Based on this research, Stephen formed a company with a graduating partner, specializing in conveyor belt monitoring and other image processing related problems. During this time, projects were undertaken ranging from acoustic measurement systems to towing dynamometers. Working on such a wide variety of complex and interesting applications led to a close association with National Instruments and, in 2006, Stephen joined the company directly when he was appointed as the Branch Manager of the South African branch.


Philip Ehlers - Field Sales Engineer, National Instruments South Africa

Technical Presentation - All Locations

Philip Ehlers completed his Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Pretoria. He then started his career at a consulting engineering company which had a strong focus on the implementation of traffic control systems which included tollgate and weighbridge systems. Philip gained significant experience in automation control, high speed data acquisition and reporting systems. He then moved on to work at Citect which later became part of Schneider Electric where he worked as a Project Engineer. He gained an indebted understanding of control and reporting systems especially in the Industry environment (MMM, WWW, F&B) and understands the challenges of solutions in this environment. He participated in various projects that involved automated process control, backup power, energy management and monitoring systems and also learned to understand the value of the implementation of such systems. Philip joined National Instruments in the beginning of 2012 and focuses on solutions for the Industry market with specific focus on Mining and Utilities.


Fanie Coetzer- Application Engineer, National Instruments South Africa

Academic Presentation - All Locations

Fanie completed his degree in Electronic Engineering at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein, during which he participated in a 3 month exchange program in Germany, where he expanded his knowledge on robotic and industrial communication systems. He started his career as a Systems Engineer at a commercial radio station, where he gained experience in RF communication, signal analysis and system monitoring. Fanie joined the NI team in 2011 as an Applications Engineer, focusing on providing support and training to clients. During his time at NI, Fanie gained significant experience in finding solutions for customer application requirements, and building proof of concept models in a number of industries including;  food and beverage, research and military environment.


Brett Coetzee – Application Engineer, National Instruments South Africa

Technical Presentation – All Locations

Brett acquired his degree from the University of Pretoria, where he completed his final year specializing in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition and signal processing. During the FIFA Soccer World Cup, he was part of the radio support program. This program provided networked radio communications for all the stadiums involved. Brett joined the NI team late in 2011 as an Application Engineer, providing support and training to clients, and gaining experience through research and development. NI offers opportunities for an Application Engineer to develop client requested systems or provide proof of concepts, and provide technical support for clients’ hardware and software difficulties. The workplace provides unique engineering challenges on a regular basis, with correlation/s to problems encountered while studying Computer Engineering.


Jacques Cilliers- Application Engineer, National Instruments South Africa

Technical Presentation - All Locations

Jacques completed degrees in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Johannesburg. During his studies Jacques gained experience in the fields of robotics and large scale software development. Jacques joined the National Instruments team in 2010 and currently works as an Application Engineer. He is actively involved in customer education, technical support and proof of concept development for multiple industries.


Wayne du Preez - Field Sales Engineer, National Instruments South Africa

Technical Presentation – All Locations

Wayne completed his Baccalaureus Technologiae in Electrical Engineering at the University of Johannesburg in 2009. During his studies Wayne undertook a position as technician where he was part of a team developing specialized power supplies for a diverse field of customers, after his studies he moved into the position of design Engineer. Wayne joined National Instruments in 2010 as an Application engineer and moved into Field Sales shortly after. He has presented at events including NI Technical Symposiums and NI days.



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