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Planet NI Program in South Africa

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The mission of the Planet NI program is to empower engineers in emerging countries to achieve sustainable prosperity by providing increased access to NI technology. The program focuses on nurturing local innovation through partnerships, as well as supporting entrepreneurs and organizations building solutions that contribute to the economic development of emerging nations.

NI offices around the world locally define and develop their Planet NI programs. The primary focus of the Planet NI program in Africa is to support local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), partner with innovation centers, and to support healthy and sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems, by collaborating with developmental organizations.


Nurturing Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Planet NI Program for Small and Medium Enterprises

Innovative SMEs and startups are key contributors to the socioeconomic development of emerging countries because they generate new and high-value jobs and social value. However, a dynamic entrepreneurial sector depends on many factors including financial support, market expertise, and access to cutting-edge technology - these are especially true at the nascent stage. The Planet NI program helps entrepreneurs in established small businesses and startups increase their access to world-class development tools, technical training, and technology-based markets.
Planet NI and EWH partner to help improve medical technology in Uganda, Africa

As much as 50 percent of medical equipment in Sub-Saharan African countries’ hospitals and clinics is out of service and as much as 70 percent of donated medical equipment does not work. For the most part, hospitals lack the infrastructure needed for preventive maintenance or repair to keep equipment in service. They also often lack expertise to properly use working equipment. This negatively impacts their ability to provide adequate healthcare services to their citizens.

Engineering World Health is working hard to change this. They work with student engineers and experienced professionals to improve capacity in developing countries for managing and maintaining medical equipment as well as designing and developing medical technologies suited to health care in resource-poor settings. They have been able to achieve successful results through programs such as their Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) by having volunteers and staff members from developed countries travel to targeted countries to train technicians who can help keep equipment running in hospitals and clinics.

Through an initiative similar to the BMET, EWH is currently working with Planet NI to equip a lab in a medical technology training center in Uganda with NI Multisim to help with hands-on labs. The training center called ECUREI has been in existence since 2002 and has help train many locals in health technologies. However, ECUREI lacks the tools to provide the much needed lab experiences that students need. NI Multisim will help fill this gap by providing a great platform to apply circuit theories through simulations with real components characteristics.


About EWH -

We work with university-based biomedical engineers, industry professionals, charities that manage donated medical equipment, the international health community and developing countries to combine innovation in appropriate technology with direct support to medical technology management, maintenance and repair.


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